FMCW Radar Transceivers

The RS3400 series is a family of synthesized X, K and W band FMCW radar front end modules. The X and K band modules are designed according to previously proven concepts for intrinsic safety resulting in highly reliable units with low power consumption.

The RS3400 series is very flexible and can be used in several different configurations. The frequency is digitally controlled via a standard, 3-wire serial interface, which programs a modern high performance synthesizer circuit. The synthesizer can use either an internal or external reference signal.

A basic interface, the CO1000A/00, for controlling the X or K band unit through RS-232 or USB from a PC for evaluation is available. This controller board allows for control of basic transceiver features, while allowing for easy processing and interpretation of the output using your own software packages or instrumentation.

We also sell a complete kit for evaluating our K-band front ends which includes the front end, controller board, a 20 dB horn antenna and a connector. More details can be found here. Please use the part number FMCWKIT when ordering.


  • Available in 10, 24 and 77 GHz GHz center frequencies
  • Bandwidths of 1000 or 1500 MHz
  • Compact size
  • Intrinsically safe design (X and K band)
  • Distance measurement
  • Speed measurement
  • Level gauging
  • Surveillance and security
  • Traffic measurement

FMCW Radar Transceivers

FMCW Model Frequency Bandwidth
RS3400X/00 10 GHz 1500 MHz
RS3400K/00 24 GHz 1500 MHz
RS3400W/04 77 GHz 1000 MHz

CO1000A/00 Controller Board

This controller board is pre-loaded with basic control software allowing for easier evaluation and testing of our FMCW sensors. We do not supply any type of extensive software for the processing of output signals. The integrated software we do supply can perform basic control and data recording functions. The user will need to write their own signal processing algorithms using a package such as MATLAB or LabVIEW. This is due to the many different applications and requirements that are possible for this sensor, making it extremely difficult to develop a package useful in all situations. Please review the evaluation kit user guide carefully so that you are clear as to the capabilities of our system, and as to what you will have to do to make it work for your needs.

Application Notes

RS3400X/00 Usage Instructions

RS3400K/00 Usage Instructions

Complete FMCW Radar Application Note - Complete collection of all application notes listed below

Evaluation Board User Guide - Details how to set up our CO1000A evaluation/controller board for use with the RS3400 series of radar front ends.

Competing Technologies - Explains the advantages and disadvantages of competing technologies such as laser ultrasonic, and video sensors.

Applications - Covers possible applications for FMCW radars

Example of Using the 3-wire Interface Shows an example of controlling the FMCW using the 3-wire interface; vital to understand when designing your own control system for the RS3400 series

X and K Band Radar Licensing and Regulations for Sivers IMA FMCW modules Background information on licensing and regulations in relation to the RS3400 series of radar modules.

Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar Discusses the theory and principles behind FMCW radar systems

Technical Notes on RS3400 Series Radar Transceivers Covers operating conditions, ESD considerations, power supply/biasing, physical connections, and IF signal characteristics

Advantages and Disadvantages of FMCW Radar Explains differences in FMCW radar in relation to laser, video, ultrasonic, and pulsed radar sensing and measurement technologies

CO1000A/00 User Guide Detailed description and instructions for CO1000A/00

FMCW Radar Antennas Concepts of FMCW radar antenna selection.

PuTTY terminal program download page For use with CO1000A/00 controller board; can be used if Microsoft HyperTerminal is not available on your system